Food Menu


Food Menu


Banana Bread Toasted w/Butter 5.50

Ice Cream & Maple Syrup +2.50

Bowl of Coco Pops (GF & VG) 6.00

Bonsoy/Almond +.50 

Toast 6.50

w/ Peanut Butter, Vegemite, Jam, Marmalade 

Gluten Free +2.00

Nutella +1.50

Tomato +1.50

Avocado +3.00

Toasted Fruit Loaf w/Butter 7.00

Homestyle Muesli 10.50

w/ Served with Greek Yoghurt ,Fresh Bananas & Drizzled 

with Rice Malt Syrup

Bonsoy/Almond +.50 


Single 8.00

Double 12.00

w/ Maple Syrup

Nutella +1.50

Ice Cream +2.00

Cream +1.00

Banana +1.50


Cheese 7.00

No Frills Toasted Cheese

HCT 10.50

Classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato

CTP (VG Option) 10.50

Cheese,Tomato & Pesto

Schnity 11.50

Chicken Schnitty, Tasty Cheese, Lettuce & Mayo

F.L.A.T. (VG) 11.50

Facon, Lettuce, Avo, Tomato & Vegan Mayo

Avo & Grilled Veg (VG) 12.50

Grilled Capsicum, Zuchini, Avo & Vegan Pesto

Gluten Free Bread +2.00

Tomato +1.50

Swiss Cheese +1.50

Ham +2.00

Vegan Cheese +2.00

Pesto /Vegan Pesto +2.00

Avo +3.00


Check out our selection of sweet treats at the counter!

*Bread made locally by Northcote Bakeshop 


We proudly serve Lion Tamer by Reverence Coffee Roasters

Bettie-chino 1.00

Regular / Single Shot 4.20

Large / Double Shot 4.70

Like It Stronger? Add an extra shot +1.00

Iced Latte 5.50

Bonsoy/Almond +.50


Kids Hot Chocolate 4.20

Hot Chocolate 4.70

Chamellia Organic Teas 4.50

English Breakfast / Earl Grey 

Lemongrass & Ginger / Peppermint 

Green / Chamomile / Masala Chai

Freshly Brewed Chamellia Organic Wet Chai 5.50

Iced Chai 5.50

Dirty Chai 6.00

Chai with a shot of coffee

Turmeric Latte 5.50

Matcha Latte 5.50

Bonsoy/Almond +.50


Karma Organic Cola 4.50

Lemmy Organic Lemonade 4.50

Almighty Organic Apple Juice 4.50

Almighty Organic Carrot Orange & Turmeric Juice 4.50

Almighty Organic Beetroot Blackcurrent & Ginger Juice 4.50

Remedy Ginger Lemon Kombucha 5.00

Remedy Rasberry Lemonade Kombucha 5.00

Sparkling Mineral Water 500mL 5.50

All of our used coffee grounds are collected & distributed to Melbourne Zoo & community gardens by REGROUND.


Kids Milkshake 4.00

Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel & Vanilla

Milkshake w/ Ice Cream 6.50

Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel & Vanilla

Ice Cream Spider 6.50

Cola or Lemonade

Choc Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie 8.50

Banana Berry Smoothie 8.50

Mango Turmeric Smoothie 8.50

Bonsoy/Almond +.50

High Tea

We would love you to join us for High Tea. High tea includes cucumber sandwiches, tasty slices, scones with jam & cream & your choice of tea or coffee. 

$25pp ($12.50 per child) Bookings required 24hrs in advance. Minimum 2 adults

Did you know we host Craft Parties? 

Our birthday parties are super popular. We offer all craft activities including cupcake decorating so you don’t even have to worry about a cake! We cater for both gluten free & vegan. Get in touch with us today as dates book up super fast! More info available on our website –